Located in Miraflores, and more precisely in Mercado 28, La Patarashkita specializes in Peruvian Amazonian cuisine. Besides the most traditional dishes, their menu is also composed of more creative dishes. Mercado 28 is the first trendy and modern gastronomic market in Peru where you can enjoy the quality of good food as well as a relaxed and musical atmosphere. Among the 18 food stalls you’ll find the best of the Amazon at a place called: La Patarashkita.

La Patarashkita was established in July 2018 in Lima, and has its older brother La Patarashca located in the heart of the Amazon region in Tarapoto. Founded by the ambassador of Amazonian gastronomy, Mrs Elia García de Reátegui, it has had the ambition for almost 30 years to save the typical cuisine (Tarapotina) thanks to its restaurant, which has become one of the biggest references in terms of gastronomy in the Peruvian Amazon. Today, her children have taken over by highlighting her ancestral and innovative recipes at La Patarashkita in Lima.

La Patarashkita Mercado28 Lima

An Amazonian gastronomic immersion

La Patarashkita combines traditional and modern cuisine through a variety of original dishes and flavours. For example, bananas are the main ingredients in many recipes in the Amazon. La Patarashkita presents this fruit in different forms through small bites of Maduro relleno de queso (caramelized banana stuffed with cheese from the Amazonian region) and Elvis Charapa – Maduro Relleno con mani (made with caramelized banana, filled with cocoa honey and peanut butter; which even Elvis Presley enjoyed as they say)… Surprising  sweet and salty tastes that explode in the mouth!

La Patarashkita Lima

To bring a little freshness to these flavours, we let ourselves be tempted by the famous Ensalada Tarapoto : a delicious salad filled with exotic colours and aromas! Composed of pink palm hearts, candied pineapple pieces, roasted majambo nuts and chonta (thin slices of palm fruit) – it is the best vegan option available to get a taste from the jungle.

To continue, after the starters, we opted for an emblematic dish: El canguita de paiche con crocante de plátano (grilled fish brochette with fried banana balls). Qualified as the King of the Amazon, this exceptional fish was perfectly cooked, with small pieces of peppers and onions: melting in the mouth with a braised and unique savour… A taste obtained by being macerated in ají negro (hot Peruvian chili pepper) or tucupí (a juice extracted from manioc) with yuca brava vinegar. These are all ancestral ingredients that clearly make the difference for the tastebuds! The dish is topped with fried banana balls, which brings crispness to the palate and an unusual but pleasant new flavour. It is definitely a gustatory revelation that is worth a try.

La Patarashkita Lima

Other exotic preparations are made with fruit exclusively from the selva (tropical forest): seasonal refreshments based on maracuyá (passion fruit), sacha uva (regional grape), camu camu or cocona are a pure delight!

All these Peruvian Amazonian dishes are prepared in front of our eyes, by a chef and three cooks who can be seen in their open food stall: a real culinary show and an explosion of flavours in one same place!

Want to give it a try?

Opening times: Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm (or until 01:00 am on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays)
Reservations: No reservations possible.
Tasted dishes: Maduro relleno de queso (s./10.00), Elvis Charapa – Maduro Relleno con mani (s./10.00), Ensalada Tarapoto (s./20.00), Canguita de paiche con crocante de platano (s./35.00) and Refresco de fruta de estación (s./6.00)
Facebook: La Patarashkita
Instagram: @lapatarashkita

La Patarashkita

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